Make Cinnamon Rolls In The Slow Cooker For An Extra Gooey Dessert

If you're craving a cinnamon roll, you're probably in a messy mood. You want a treat that's chewy, sweet, and sticky. And you want it now. But the truth is, you don't have to be craving cinnamon rolls to eat them. Once that smell hits your nose, you'll bite. So why not make them now? Especially if that means they will be everything you dreamed of because you didn't rush. You made them extra gooey in a slow cooker.

Every appliance offers a slightly different way to cook food. When you slip cinnamon rolls into an oven and set it for 350 degrees, in a little under a half hour, you get a golden brown treat that will be a little crispy. That's because ovens cook with dry heat, giving your food a little crunch on the outside while, hopefully, sealing in the moisture. Conversely, a slow cooker uses moist heat to cook your food. This keeps foods such as cinnamon rolls tantalizingly gooey. Air purifier

Make Cinnamon Rolls In The Slow Cooker For An Extra Gooey Dessert

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When you cook cinnamon rolls in a slow cooker, it's not the same as putting them in the oven. You are not going for a quick crisp. You want to cook the rolls slowly. Instead of 25 minutes, expect to keep them in the slow cooker for at least 90 minutes for that low and slow magic to happen.

One of the essential elements you need to keep your cinnamon rolls gooey is moisture content. While a slow cooker does an excellent job of keeping your food moist, it doesn't hurt to help it out a little bit. Whether you choose evaporated milk or heavy cream, you can step up the delight factor by adding a little sweet liquid to your recipe.

The last thing you want to consider is creativity. Since you're cooking in a pot, almost anything goes. If you want cinnamon rolls with autumn flair, consider adding pumpkin. If you want to switch up the flavor to add another layer to the taste, nuts or peanut butter might be the way to go. Be inspired. Be bold. And enjoy your slow cooker cinnamon rolls.

Make Cinnamon Rolls In The Slow Cooker For An Extra Gooey Dessert

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